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Our mission is to connect the Cyber World.

At Cyberr, we are establishing a groundbreaking global platform that embraces every individual in the cybersecurity domain, from enthusiastic entry to expert level.

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Mentorship Initiative

One of the biggest problems in cybersecurity is the Talent gap. With our mentoring program, we want to help graduates reach their 1st job quickly with the help of Mentors.

Career Opportunities

Help us bridge the talent gap with Cyberr. Create new career opportunities and find a job. Cyberr will automatically match your profile and companies will come to you.

Referral Program

We know that in the cybersecurity industry, your network is your net worth. Refer your peers to specific jobs and get rewarded. Cyberr will do the rest.


With Cyberr Academy, we will provide courses , certifications, assessment, tests, and training with our industry certified recognized partners.


Get access to exclusive events with live conferences from experts. Meet companies to find new opportunities.

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With Cyberr, you will be able to stay on top of the latest news in cybersecurity, and also extend your knowledge.

Empowering cybersecurity's core:
The people.
Our Journey and Vision at Cyberr

At Cyberr, our passion for cybersecurity runs deep. We have a collective knowledge of 60 years in cybersecurity recruitment, we've witnessed the evolving challenges and opportunities within the industry. We understand that the backbone of robust cybersecurity is not just technology—it's the people. That's why we're committed to revolutionizing the industry by empowering the individuals who safeguard our digital world. Our goal is to create a dynamic, interconnected community where everyone from entry to expert level can find their place and purpose.

Innovating Cybersecurity Recruitment: Connections.
Create Opportunities at Cyberr

Our approach is rooted in innovation and expertise. We leverage our extensive experience in recruitment to connect talent with opportunities through our intuitive AI-driven platform that master the nuance of cybersecurity roles and the competencies required to excel in them. We believe in the power of community and the strength of networks, which is why we've created an ecosystem that facilitates growth, mentorship, and continuous learning. With a culture of collaboration and support, we help individuals and organizations thrive in the face of cyber challenges.

Shaping the Future of Cybersecurity: Innovative Approach.
Technology to serve community empowerment

We do it with cutting-edge technology, a vast network of industry relationships, and a deep commitment to the cybersecurity community. Our platform is built on the pillars of advanced AI matching, comprehensive mentorship programs, and an immersive learning environment. We harness the collective knowledge of our community to provide insights, resources, and updates that keep our members connected to their industry. At Cyberr, we're not just filling positions—we're shaping the future of cybersecurity.

See what our clients say

" We were able to call on a proactive and very willing team to help in our search for a cybersecurity expert. Cyberr is a true business partner, helping us to find the perfect fit for our organisation. "

Head of recruitment
total energies

“As head of IT recruitment for the group, I have benefited from the services of Cyberr when looking for niche skills in an extremely competitive market.

We are very satisfied with the professionalism, advice, and guidance relating to cybersecurity positions given throughout the process.”

HR Manager
schneider france

“With Cyberr, I benefit from a pragmatic and qualitative help to fill complex roles in my organisation. Far from the fluff of many agencies, Cyberr provides a professional and friendly approach to difficult and niche searches.”

Globl Technical Recruiter
Ultimate software - paris

“Cyberr supports us in our quest for new cybersecurity talent. Their dynamic team and personalised approach ensure that we can efficiently service our clients within the ever-changing economic and digital transformation space.”

Head of recruitment

“Cyberr is our go-to recruitment partner in France for our cybersecurity division.”

HR Director
thales france